Get Your Bot On! is back for 2014 with “Positronic: Robots and Brains” November 14-16, 2014

Get Your Bot On! “Positronic: Robots and Brains” is presented in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre. That’s right! This year’s theme is brains. Robots have brains. And robots help people. This year we’ll pay special attention to the types of robots that will help us as we grow old, enable us to live independently, keep us company and help us as our brains fail us. This by no means will limit the types of robots you can build but we’ll have special experts helping us understand the challenges and opportunities for robots in this area.

We are thrilled that this event will be hosted at the Ontario Science Centre and that the Centre is simultaneously presenting their Robots Rule festival, the largest celebration of robotics in the region.

Registration is open – and we are offering early bird rates until October 1. You can register here.

We also have a number of new partnerships we are working on and will announce details shortly:

  • The Intelligent Assistive Technology and Systems Research Lab develops zero-effort technologies that are adaptive, flexible, and intelligent, to enable users to participate fully in their daily lives. Check out the great work at IATSL here:
  • XYZ Interactive has joined us as our first partner in the new Technology Partner program. Check out their technology incorporated into the new MIP robot by Wow-Wee and the Lexus RX350 demonstrator vehicle:

November is Maker month in Toronto and selected robots will be invited to demo at the Toronto Mini Maker Faire show and tell the following week November 22 and 23. If you have always wanted to participate in Maker Faire this is your chance!

2012 had over 60 robohackers working in 19 teams building bots.  This year we expect three times that with participants in a few new categories:

  • We have a new family category so you can bring your kids and work together on a robot.
  • We have student tickets available if you are a highschool, college or university student and want to go head-to-head with our robohackers and show them how great ideas are built.
  • We have a Corporate Innovation Challenge for corporate teams that want to jump start their innovation programs.

This is only the beginning, we still have lots of work to do before the event and will let you know as new partners come on board.

Registration is open – and we are offering early bird rates until October 1. You can register here.

In the meantime:

  • Check out the Kit and Resources page for details on what will be available.
  • We will be updating the agenda as we work out details but you can get a general idea of what to expect here:
  • We need volunteers. If you or someone you know is interested in working with us please contact us at Opportunities are wide-ranging both in experience and in time commitment.  and our volunteers get to attend opening and closing events and join us at our volunteer table to try out tech and build something.
  • If you want to support us as a sponsor we would love to hear from you. Email Adriana at adriana at for all sponsorship inquiries.

Hope to see you at the hackathon!

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