Day Two, Building and Testing. So Many Ideas!


With the second day of this outstanding Robotics Hackathon coming to an end, and the robohackers one step closer to final judging, many memories have already been made and great ideas brought to life. Many participants walked into the weekend with absolutely no experience and have already learned so much. We have seen many talents come together and unbelievable achievements, and we still haven’t heard the full story of each robot! Having said that, everyone could not be more excited to watch all the presentations tomorrow and crown the winners of each category.

Many smiles have been wandering around the Science Centre, as the adventure of building a robot is getting more exciting by the minute. Even our volunteers and mentors are wonderstruck by the progression that the teams are making and the mind-blowing creativity that will definitely knock the socks off all our amazing judges. We are only a few hours away from wrapping up this unforgettable weekend and we are glad to say that this hackathon will definitely be remembered. The teams are sweating their way through these hours as they continue to laugh and enjoy every last second that they are spending at this hackathon. Tune in to discover the winners of this year’s Get Your Bot On! Robotics Hackathon!

Here are very few of the many memories captured by our team:




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