Join us for Canada’s Robotics Moment, Feb 8 at the Autodesk Technology Centre

Join us for an in depth discussion on Canada’s place amidst global trends and opportunities in the robotics market.
Canada has a unique opportunity to leverage its international reputation in AI (artificial intelligence) to tap into the fast-growing commercial robotics market. Canada invested early and wisely in AI, culminating in the recent explosion in investment, commercial activity and global recognition.

Robotics is the next frontier for innovation and investment. The Canadarm delivered international profile for executing high-stakes feats of robotic ingenuity. That success has been repeated in field after field without similar recognition. It’s time to bring thought leaders and stakeholders together to shape a comprehensive national robotics strategy.

Led by Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics, speakers will explore the collaborations, supports and partnerships needed to establish Canada as a global player in the commercial robotics market. A panel from industry, government and academia will discuss Canada’s strengths and how to capitalize on them to build a vibrant robotics industry.



2:30 pm. Welcome,  Adriana Ieraci, Founder, GYBO Robotics Network

2:35 pm. A National Robotics Strategy for Canada, Hallie Siegel, Innovation Strategist

2:50 pm. Global Trends and Opportunities, Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

4:05 pm. Panel Discussion: Making it Happen

5:00 pm. Networking


Panel: Making it Happen

  • Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics
  • Richard Kikuta, Director of Analytics and Advanced Technology, Ministry of Economic Development and Growth/Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science
  • Hallie Siegel, Innovation Strategist
  • Dr. Farzad Rayegani, Dean of Applied Technology, Humber College
  • Dr. William Melek, Director of Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo

See the event brief for speaker bios and details.

Event Brief, Speaker Bios

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Win a ticket to FutureWorld at our next Women in Robotics Meetup

Door Prizes at our May 31 Meetup:  Win Tickets to the FutureWorld Conference!

FutureWorld: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines

Enter to win 1 ticket to FutureWorld! Reply to the pinned Tweet/Post on Get Your Bot On’s Twitter account (@getyourboton) OR Facebook account (@getyourboton) answering the question: What would you ask a GYBO or FutureWorld speaker? All entries must include the hashtag #WinRSeries. Winners will be drawn from online entries and meetup attendees and  announced at the Women in Robotics Series meetup on Wednesday May 31st, 20176-9pm. Register to attend the event here.

Prize: 1 ticket to FutureWorld (June 10, 2017) (2 prizes available)

Contest start and end date: Friday May 12, 2017 11am – Tuesday May 30th, 2017 11:59pm


  1. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received.
  2. Winner will be contacted by the same means, on the same platform and account they submitted their entry.
  3. Winners are not required to attend the May 31 meetup.
  4. We don’t share our list of meetup attendees.

Maker Profile: Erin Kennedy, Founder Robobrrds and Robot Missions

I met Erin Kennedy earlier this year at Studio [Y] at the MaRS Discovery District where she is a fellow working on her latest project, Robot Missions.  I first came across Erin’s work, RoboBrrds, when Erin won the Cloud Robotics hackathon in Montreal in the fall of 2011.  Erin was  has grown that project into a successful IndieGogo campaign in December 2012 and now into a commercial kit you can build yourself.

Erin Kennedy, February 2016

Erin Kennedy, February 2016

Erin’s latest project is Robot Missions ( ) where she is designing, building and testing a robot that will help clean shore lines.  The project isn’t simply another rover, Erin’s mission is to get humanitarians and technologists to collaborate on the massive challenge of environment clean-up. To that end she is working to engage a diverse community to work with her on the project. A fervent advocate of Socially Conscious Making, Erin wants to work with people on projects with a strong social mission.

Shoreline Cleaning Rover Robot, February 2016

Shoreline Cleaning Rover Robot, February 2016


Erin is acutely aware of the perceived tension between nature and technology.  She would like to see more work in applying technology to help nature rather than projects in which technology harms nature.

The Robot Missions project started as a CubeSat rover robot for trips to Mars (the planet) as part of Erin’s time at Fab Academy 2015. It included her own origami design for an unfolding solar panel to power the robot. Erin also integrated an headset with motion sensors so that she could control the robot with the movement of her head.

Origami Solar Panel, February 2016

Origami Solar Panel, February 2016

You can often find Erin at Studio [Y] experimenting with new filament for her 3D printer or making plug-ins for her favourite CAD program so she can model her origami mechanical designs. The goal is not to create a prototype robot but to create a Rapidly Deployable Automated System platform that is  flexible enough so that other makers can take and transform it and humanitarians can manufacture the robot quickly with little support.

Robot Missions is still in its very early stages but there are lots of opportunity to collaborate with Erin and create something amazing.  Robot Missions  needs:

  • Roboticists, engineers, technologists, and tinkerers to help with development of the Robot Missions hardware platform and mechanical design.
  • Programmers to help with the software to control the robot and the tools to gather, work with and visualize the data collected.
  • Communicators to help develop the educational materials, communicate through various channels such as social media and keep the community engaged.
  • Strategists and business people to help come up with and execute a strategy to make Robot Missions sustainable and actually achieve the impact it was designed for.
  • Environmentalists to look at the data collected and identify new opportunities for data collection.
  • Volunteers to help organize missions, manage the project, and help with logistics.

On April 6, at the Get Your Bot On! Meetup Erin will be demonstrating the Robot Missions robot and talking more about her work.  We will break into working groups to tackle some of the challenges faced by the project. Come to find out more about her work and see the robot in action. Sign up for the Meetup HERE.


Have a few hours this weekend?  Join Erin for her field test at the Leslie Spit this Saturday, April 2. Volunteers working with Robot Missions will be testing the most recent shoreline cleaning robot prototype. More details at :

Be sure to follow Erin on Twitter to hear about her projects and the Robot Missions field tests.

You can sign up for the Robot Missions mailing list on their website at

Or hang out with Erin at her Robot Party on Google+ Hangouts.  Passionate robot makers show off their robot projects and share ideas and advice. See the previous Robot Party here, with the theme of “Who does your robot help?”.

See you next week!

Torontonians making an impact at Civic Tech Toronto




Its 6pm in the evening and for many it’s the end of a work day but for Civic Tech Toronto it’s just the start of their weekly hack nights. This passionate community of diverse Torontonians come together to tackle some of the city’s biggest challenges. They take the hackathon model and extend it to provide continuity for civic projects to incubate and execute. As you walk around the room you’ll find citizens with all types of expertise huddled in groups as they brainstorm and share ideas.

It’s a unique intersection of technology, design and collaboration which has resulted in multiple successful hack nights since their start in July.

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